Fish Measuring Boards

We manufacture high quality fish measuring boards in Wood, Plastic and Anodised Aluminium. Boards are available solid or hinged to be compact.


  • Suitable for measuring most types of fish
  • Durable Materials available - Wood, Plastic, PVC and Anodised Aluminium
  • Hinged option available
  • Long lasting markings
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Custom (non-standard) sizes also available

Folding measuring boards

If storage space is a problem, we have folding measuring boards which fold up, taking less room. We manufacture our folding fish measuring boards in Anodised Aluminium and PVC. Some incorporate sturdy galvanized hinges and plated dome feet. The gauge shown can measure up to 700mm, although other sizes could be manufactured on request.

Why buy our fish measuring boards?

Our fish measuring boards are manufactured to high standards by using durable materials (wood, plastic and anodised aluminium) and use a special engraving method to ensure the markings don't wear off.

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