About Alexander Pollock


Founded in Edinburgh in the early 1900's, Alexander Pollock has seen many changes since it's inception. For many years the business successfully provided precision engineering products / services to the industrial, commercial and professional sectors. The formation of Alexander Pollock Limited in 1970, was a continuation of the growth, of this long established private business.

When CNC machinery was introduced to the engraving world in the early 1980's, Alexander Pollock was quick to exploit it's potential. Several generations of CNC machinery have passed through our doors since, as technology has progressed.

Alexander Pollock first achieved status as a quality accredited company in 1994.

In the year 2000 the company was purchased by Acorn Stairlifts, bringing many opportunities to the business - with the introduction of group facilities and shared resources. During 2001, the business relocated to its current premises in Haddington and immediately invested in additional machinery.

Present Day:

Alexander Pollock are fully accredited to BS EN ISO9001:2015 - operating 100% final inspection facilities.

In recent times our engraving facility has been very successful. To this end, we have again invested substantially in the business, upgrading all our operating systems, including the purchase of new engraving / machining software and a further heavy duty CNC engraving / milling machine. We are now firmly established as one of the leading high-tech machine engraving companies, north of the border.

However there is more to a company than it's equipment and machinery. Even high-tech machines don't operate themselves. Our workforce has a wealth of experience - complemented perfectly by a youthful element. All our machine operators serve a four-year apprenticeship, in machine engraving.

Looking Forward:

We will always consider investing in technology which will enhance the performance of our business. We recognise a skilled workforce is equally as important as high-tech machinery and will continue to provide training accordingly. We are committed to the ISO 9001 quality system.

So the years ahead look positive - I certainly think so. With more than seventy years behind us, why not many more to look forward to. We have excellent engraving facilities, an enthusiastic work force and with group peripheral services at our disposal, the future for engraving in Alexander Pollock has never looked brighter.

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